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High Pressure


"Our product is the first of its kind with HPP in the United States"

HPP is only Cold- pasteurization technology and is the most unobtrusive one.It does not take oxygen away as done in the vacuum packaging or add nitrogen as done in MAP or heat food to 260 F for 10-15 minutes in retort packaging or add acids, vinegar, salt, sugar as done for shelf-stable food. We cook food, cool it, put into a PET containers or the pouches and seal it. Its goes to HPP center and we are all set. No food additives at any stage.


HPP uses re-usable cold water at very high pressure (85000 lb per sq inch for 3 Mins) to kill pathogens in food, pathogens being bad bacteria. We need specific PET containers (not microwavable, BPA free, recycle code 1) for Curry or Pouches (BPA free, recycle code 7, microwavable) for other items to survive such high pressure. They are not fancy but you see what you are eating. HPP is performed post packaging, no chance of any contamination after cooking and the cold water at high pressures is re-usable, making our process Eco-Friendly.

Fresh, nutrient-packed foods are essential for your overall health. Speaking of nutrient-packed, studies show that certain HPP foods may actually contain more  nutrients than fresh food as HPP has been shown to affect the bio-availability of certain nutrients.

What is bio-availability? Technically it is the  “amount of a nutrient in a food that the  body may ultimately use to perform specific physiological functions” such as digestion and absorption. HPP (Cold-Pressure) helps to both retain nutritional attributes of fresh foods and  sometimes increase the bio-availability of the nutrition in your food. Read more here - 

Why opt for HPP (Cold-Pressured) products?

  • Starting with nutrition, the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the foods remain intact. No preservatives here!

  • Moving to taste, HPP (or Cold-Pressured) food tastes as fresh as homemade. HPP allows fresh taste, textures and fibers stay intact.

  • As for food safety, the immense pressure applied via HPP destroys any potential pathogens. HPP also extends shelf life.

  • HPP keeps the food as fresh as possible, retaining or increasing bio-availability of nutrient content. 

HPPed Curry can stay good for 90 days in the refrigerator against 7 days for direct purchase at Indian restaurants. HPP can be applied to curry sauce and a majority of Indian entrees that are curry based. ​


Our goal is to serve the best curry sauce with no preservatives and additives, FRESH & HEALTHY! Food is all about taste and when we say 'Curry FRESH' (trademark granted), we mean it.

ReminderNever microwave our Curry & entree containers, they include HPP. Due to HPP technology and the health, safety, taste, and shelf-life benefits that come with HPP, our products should be heated in microwave safe items or on the stove.

Our Process




2 step process that starts with CAPS (patent pending) and ends with HPP (or Cold-Pressure)