"Curry Fresh provides Indian spices in a ready-to-use sauce, making your meals come to life. We offer healthier, longer lasting, and flavorful restaurant quality products"


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Come 15th March 2020, we become the first ever 'Plant Based' Indian food vendor. Our pursuit to serve home styled food is complete now. This is what we Indians eat day in day out. Plenty of Turmeric and boiled Turmeric has 12 times more bio-availability. Our food technology can preserve flavors as if they were freshly made in the kitchen. Unlike today's room temperature or frozen packaged Indian food, there are no taste distortions. Our technology extends the shelf life of fresh Indian food from 10 days to over 150 days in refrigeration, without using any preservatives. Longer shelf life means less food waste. Our Curry sauces make you an Indian chef par excellence, same restaurant quality food in 10 minutes - no trips to restaurants or worry about wasting any food.

Not eating curry yet?

Get started with your first order of Curry FRESH to make your next meal come to life. If you are in Michigan, you can get our products at Eastern Market, Farmington & Ann Arbor Farmers market on Saturdays and Birmingham , Canton Farmers market on Sundays. 


We are also at  Fresh Thyme, Arbor Farms Market, Argus Farm Stop (both locations), Ptoduce Station, Bombay Grocers, Om market (North campus UM) in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, Woodward Corner market in Royal Oak (Meijer store), Holiday Market in Canton, Heartland Market in Farmington Hills, Pure Pastures (both locations), Agricole in Chelsea downtown, the Better Health stores (Novi), Horrocks Farm market in Lansing & Battle Creek, Bridge Street Market (a Meijer store), Kingma's market in Grand Rapids, Harding's Friendly in Kalamazoo, Market Fresh in Beverly Hills, MI, Village Market in Gross Pointe and Devries & Co 1887 (Eastern market) in Detroit just to name a few.

In Ohio, you can buy our products at Walt Churchill's Market (both) & Kazmaier store near Toledo.


Now you can order though our website or at Amazon.com (search for fresh tikka masala HPP) You can order 32 oz (family pack) & 64 oz (party pack) for more fun.


Watch us on Fox 2 Cooking School to make a tasty & nutritious dinner for your family #GoCurry


Let us know where you buy your grocery, we or our distributor would bring our products there if given opportunity. We offer the guaranteed sale to our grocers, so they don't have worry about any wastage. And we can start with any quantity, no minimum order.

Why Curry

What sets us apart




Curry is a sauce made with onion or tomato mixed with unique Indian spices, Turmeric, Cumin, Clove, Cardamom, Fenugreek leaves just to name a few. And they don't make our food spicy, Chili does. Our Mild Curry sauces are plant based, gluten-free and using non-bio-engineered ingredients (made switch to Sunflower Oil in March 2019). Curry can be used as a dip, dressing or spread as well as traditional sauce for pasta, pizza or to make an entree with your choice of protein, grain or vegetable.GMO info below- 



Our journey started with an Indian restaurant called "Temptations" at Ypsilanti, MI way back in 2009 and then we were 'Nirmal' in 2013. Our goal was to make Indian food accessible and affordable for all. HPP (high pressure pasteurization) can do just that in more effective manner, hence we closed down our restaurant in 2018 to focus on packaged food business.

Current restaurant quality curry meals can cost you well over $50/ family and you end up with leftovers that leave flavors distorted. You also have to eat the leftovers within a week maximum. But if Curry Fresh sauce is sitting in your refrigerator, you are an Indian chef par excellence and it would cost you $10 (yes ten) to cook a delicious dinner for a family of 4 (including 2 kids). And we give you freedom to eat whatever you want - choose your protein or vegetables. And on top of that, our products have the same taste, flavor and nutrients as homemade meals -- no preservatives, not frozen. 

Curry FRESH is the FIRST to provide products that have no preservatives, the longest shelf-life of any curry, while maintaining restaurant quality flavors at a significantly lower cost. We leverage a unique 3-step process to cook Curry, cool and package them in HPP tolerant containers or pouches and then HPP (high pressure pasteurization) them at HPP tolling centers. HPP is the only cold pasteurization technique; other packaged Indian food brands like MTR, and Tasty Bite use "retort packaging" which subjects cooked food to 250 F for 5-10 minutes resulting in loss of flavor and nutrients. Other brands in Jar or bottles are with preservatives or in the frozen section and both distort the flavor of spices. Eating is believing, try our Curry to taste the difference.

We provide sauce that you can cook with in your kitchen, a pre-made meal that's ready in less than 10 minutes, and large quantities to restaurants for longer shelf-life and reduced waste. Or if you are in hurry, try our 'Meals in 3 minutes' packaged in BPA free pouches with recycle code 7.


“The sauce taste's amazing. We used the sauce over broccoli and in our kids' pasta.”