Our Products

We started with two signature products: Mother's Curry (staple sauce for us Indians) and Tikka Masala Curry, most popular here. We have expanded our offerings to include other curry sauces, entrees, some proteins and "Meals in 3 minutes", total 12 items, all plant based, gluten-free, and non Bio-engineered (non-GMO). Our Curry sauces give you freedom to choose your protein, grain and vegetables and make any food instantly tastier and flavorful courtesy Spices like Turmeric, Clove, Cinnamon, Fenugreek, Ginger etc. They don't make any food Spicy, Chili does as in any other cuisine. Watch out for the launch of Turmeric Pasta (made from Chickpeas) and Chickpeas Fresh in Feb 2020. Please see below for GMO info & the user guide. 


ReminderNever microwave our Curry containers (PET, BPA free, recycle code 1).All pouches (BPA free, recycle code 7) are microwavable.


Mother’s Curry: onion based sauce, no dairy, no added sugar, gluten free, Vegan, 70 calories per serving


Tikka Masala Curry: mix of tomato and onion sauce, with dairy cream, sugar added, gluten free, Vegetarian, 140 calories per serving

Eating is believing. Once you start exploring with Curry FRESH, real authentic Indian curry that not only tastes great but is healthy, you will never look back! 

We give you the freedom to use Curry FRESH sauce in unique and conventional ways! 

Never Microwave our curry round containers.



Use as a 

  • Spread for your burger and sandwiches 

  • Dressing for your salad

  • Barbecue sauce for your grilled items 

  • Dip with bread, chips, and veggies

  • Sauce for your pizza and pasta

  • Curry with your rice, noodles

  • Or make healthy and tasty entrees out of your favorite foods

Favorite recipes coming soon!