Our Inspiration & Mentors

"Jack and Annette Aronson of Garden Fresh have been critical to our success and growth" -Co-Founder Priya


- Garden Fresh sold to Campbell for $231M in  2015

Vision & Mission

We are bringing innovation and technology to the food aisle with our curry sauce directly to your kitchen for your next great meal!


We are committed to making everyday foods extraordinary by bringing out flavors and promoting a healthier lifestyle


We provide preferred processing and packaging solutions for our products to ensure they are safe and healthy


We are committed to innovation, understanding our customers,  and our relationships with partners to deliver our products


We believe in responsible leadership, creating profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability and a positive corporate culture


We provide the best products to our customers 

Core Values


"We lead by ensuring that every decision is rooted in honesty, integrity, and transparency"


"We create the safest and most-nutritious foods that promote health and positive energy"


"We treat our customers, partners, investors and valued employees with a high level of dignity and respect that we expect from others"


"We support efforts to drive positive social change and health for the benefit of all people"


"We strongly believe in an entrepreneurial culture that values diversity"

About Us

Our Co-Founder Priya R Dass started his food journey in 2009 after receiving his MBA at Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He had the goal of developing the first Indian food chain with healthy and eco-friendly food in a custom order-to-make model. After 5 years of trials and tribulations, we developed the concept of ‘disruptive eating’ which we practiced and promoted at Nirmal Cafe (closed Oct 2018). The packaged ‘HPPed Curry’ has potential to make Indian food accessible and affordable for everyone.