Indian Cheese meal with herbs and spice & Sela Basmati rice. Biryani is medium spicy, everything else we make MILD. Just add some crush chili or red chili powder to make it Spicy hot. Family pack in $15 (40 oz, 4 servings), better than pizza meal.

Paneer Biryani with Savory Sauce, 20 oz, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Nut free

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    for pick-up at factory outlet in Ypsilanti, MI or Eastern market in Detroit as per notification, you get credits in lieu of delivery charge or the price differential (at farmers market, 32 oz costs $9, 64 oz for $14). You can use the credits to pick up other items like our entrees or Meals in 3 minutes.

    You can ship and receive our products at room temperature as we have tested our HPP (high pressure pasteurization) products at room temperature in the lab and internally. Once received, store refrigerated (40 F) to get the stamped shelf-life, once the wrap is open, use within 10 days if refrigerated properly, yes you can freeze it for longer shelf-life

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